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Here's what rhymes with course.

coarse gorse force source horse hoarse divorce enforce remorse endorse perforce indorse outsource intercourse watercourse reenforce reinforce

Consider these alternatives

courses / sources way / they going / growing take / make follow / sorrow what / but well / where this / is good / could so / though you / to race / case even / leaving everything / him think / link day / they same / came taking / making time / line track / black one / some clear / will now / how go / no path / as if / is it / which here / hear always / hallways kind / find know / no maybe / baby training / remaining downhill / will i / eye change / range

Words that almost rhyme with course

ores cores oars gores forth north calls doors false fourth scores wars shores pores chores pours sores wharf fours boars bores galls roars soars whores morph walls falls stores balls floors halls dwarf honours ignores spores drawers shawls adores crawls hauls malls rigours sols snores outdoors stalls abhors squalls brawls scrawls seashores thralls trawls explores overalls restores deplores befalls implores coveralls sprawls sycamores bedsores henceforth dinosaurs thenceforth underscores carnivores herbivores guarantors installs baseballs bookstalls dishonours fireballs omnivores overhauls protocols waterfalls parasols stevedores troubadours cannonballs forestalls superstores insectivores misdemeanours conquistadores

courts corpse cos offs coughs corks loss cross thoughts ports sorts talks quartz walks forts moss sauce cloths dos forks fourths gloss shorts toss hawks moths quarts warts torques torts scoffs warps balks chalks doss morphs poss wharfs across sports faults salts haunts stalks vaults dwarfs troughs waltz dross exhorts halts taunts lofts storks thwarts aborts broths jaunts snorts crofts malts squawks vaunts reports imports supports assaults resorts frosts retorts consorts exalts exhausts lacrosse rapports comports flaunts recross extorts defaults distorts loincloths tomahawks applesauce cosmonauts gestalts holocausts transports astronauts tablecloths somersaults thunderbolts
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