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Here's what rhymes with competent.

Consider these alternatives

reasonably / seasonably incapable / capable articulate / late inexperienced / experienced deemed / seemed qualified / side accountable / unaccountable unfit / which appoint / point sane / main efficient / sufficient suited / included authoritative / native reasonable / treasonable

Words that almost rhyme with competent

dramatist colonist optimist archivist dogmatist economist moralist pharmacist orangest ecologist agronomist optometrist abortionist warbonnet inordinate anticommunist oncologist extortionist mycologist archaeologist ethnologist technologist audiologist cytologist ichthyologist sexologist virologist penologist sociologist physiologist radiologist cardiologist genealogist histologist hydrologist herpetologist petrologist numerologist urbanologist meteorologist ophthalmologist criminologist dermatologist pharmacologist toxicologist hematologist immunologist climatologist cosmetologist haematologist antiabortionist campanologist disproportionate microbiologist gerontologist epidemiologist paleontologist palaeontologist
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