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Here's what rhymes with break.

lake brake ache rake lakh drake earache make take sake wake cake shake bake fake flake slake hake shaikh awake snake stake opaque partake spake steak betake quake remake retake bellyache huarache forsake shiitake mistake undertake overtake blacksnake clambake rattlesnake corncrake

Consider these alternatives

breaking / making broke / spoke breaks / makes set / said try / dry time / line again / then back / black before / for put / would take / make trying / lying could / good to / do end / went when / then away / way off / laws tried / side ended / presented up / but another / mother go / no give / is able / table going / growing get / said make / take come / some then / when let / said would / could meant / went out / doubt did / it they / say them / then

Words that almost rhyme with break

plague vague

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