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Here's what rhymes with bordering.

ordering reordering disordering

Consider these alternatives

neighboring / laboring borders / orders neighbouring / eighbouring bordered / ordered border / order adjoining / joining southernmost / most region / eaten populated / created northernmost / most easternmost / most adjacent / patient areas / various frontier / will westernmost / most territory / story enclave / conclave northwest / best southeast / least northeast / least

Words that almost rhyme with bordering

torturing bartering chartering altering harboring martyring faltering quartering rechartering haltering unfaltering

pondering doddering armoring armouring offering wandering bothering honoring soldering tottering authoring laundering partnering cornering garnering pottering auguring maundering pothering choppering conquering watering forwarding sponsoring hardworking posturing doctoring fathering hollering proffering whoring stoppering rogering fostering slaughtering conjuring prospering sauntering squandering dishonoring nonworking slobbering clobbering coauthoring proctoring reconquering succouring cosponsoring rumouring humouring counteroffering animadverting semaphoring helicoptering
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