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Here's what rhymes with assist.

cyst fist hissed schist list missed kissed mist persist wrist gist pissed exist consist insist resist twist subsist desist grist dismissed coexist enlist positivist

Consider these alternatives

assisting / existing assistance / distance enable / table provide / side providing / fighting facilitate / state aid / made improve / use contribute / tribute advise / size needed / treated ensure / full to / do cooperate / late enabling / labeling relief / leave needy / treaty educate / great aided / stated necessary / very volunteers / years identify / high prepare / their task / ask assess / less able / table protect / effect coordinate / fortunate personnel / well reconstruction / production need / indeed oversee / he

Words that almost rhyme with assist

shift fished sift gift wished lift swift rift thrift sniffed drift crisp adrift outlived

fit fixed hit sit hint shipped shit affixed silt hilt hitched sipped bit built mixed picked guilt lit midst wit amidst pit slipped writ dipped flint gilt kicked knit pierced pitched slit switched tipped unfit whipped wilt evinced git kit mint ripped risked spit tilt tint tit addict afflict chipped dint flicked flipped licked lint minced rinsed skipped stint stitched whit winced admit convinced linked permit commit print split strict quit script stripped omit clipped emit gripped grit pinched quilt acquit clicked crypt pricked splint squint tricked tripped unmixed winked equipped submit depict enriched inflict rebuilt blinked prefixed bewitched eclipsed glimpsed remit succinct distinct predict restrict transmit extinct reprint betwixt counterfeit imprint derelict intermixed subscript hypocrite manuscript contradict indistinct typescript
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