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Here's what rhymes with addresses.

tresses blesses yeses messes oppresses fesses assesses caresses impresses professes suppresses abbesses digresses obsesses tigresses murderesses egresses obsolesces excesses distresses acquiesces coalesces regresses fluoresces authoresses prioresses reassesses mayoresses confesses sorceresses effervesces convalesces manageresses

Consider these alternatives

addressed / best email / male mail / male internet / get message / method specific / scientific web / said ip / it e / be speech / each domain / main phone / own topic / logic identifies / size text / next database / case telephone / shown information / education calls / course identifying / dying

Words that almost rhyme with addresses

oppressive meshes fleshes threshes aggressive impressive depressive obsessive possessive recessive repressive digressive excessive progressive expressive prosthesis regressive refreshes unimpressive successive preadolescence overaggressive retrogressive transgresses inexpressive nonsuccessive

blessings dressings pledges ledges pressings recces senses readings trenches hedges tenses leggings menses sledges cleanses fetches flexes wrenches lemmings vexes leggins lettings fezzes hexes veges settings bearings benches dwellings headings offenses weddings herrings depressives pairings pretenses wenches duplexes parings perplexes possessives redskins welches belches pfennigs recessives treadmills fairings obsessives deskills topdressings mensches welshes directives progressives spellings swellings dispenses offensives electives nestlings avenges fledglings helpings revenges geldings entrenches incenses kelvins selvedges triplexes digestives intrenches retrenches twopences objectives inferences detectives collectives condenses defectives subheadings correctives reflexives preventives headwinds multiplexes fledgelings intensives squelches wayfarings incentives perspectives connectives hypertensives misspellings sixpences comprehensives concierges pseudosciences intendeds contraceptives disincentives retrospectives counteroffensives
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