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Here's what rhymes with actively.

inactively attractively proactively interactively retroactively radioactively unattractively

Consider these alternatives

active / attractive engage / stage pursuing / doing cooperate / late participate / state pursue / who supported / reported pursued / food assisting / existing cooperated / stated contribute / tribute organizations / relations participated / stated begun / one collaborate / late opposed / most behalf / half lobbied / copied supports / towards explore / your advocated / created supporting / according

Words that almost rhyme with actively

passively massively apically lastingly radically drastically sanctity tacitly amity savagely laughingly statically validly erratically passingly slantingly exactingly emphatically graphically candidly classically tragically handedly panicky placidly thematically impassively enchantingly pneumatically irascibly monastically operatically abashedly rheumatically prancingly automatically dramatically mechanically dynamically veracity organically sarcastically schematically sporadically dogmatically fantastically distractedly ecstatically everlastingly climatically expansively chromatically scholastically invalidly bombastically aromatically gymnastically plurality immorality tenacity banality casuistry unabashedly venality enigmatically autocratically idiomatically offhandedly phlegmatically unflaggingly acrobatically highhandedly humanity systematically enthusiastically centrality democratically illegality diplomatically bestiality mendacity nostalgically outstandingly pugnacity ecclesiastically axiomatically biographically emblematically telepathically thermostatically inorganically personality immortality rationality originality temporality informality pertinacity speciality photographically seasonality topographically bureaucratically demographically ethnographically problematically symptomatically aerodynamically orthographically typographically aristocratically telegraphically evenhandedly lithographically underhandedly criminality materiality mutuality emotionality eventuality marginality punctuality collegiality technicality understandingly melodramatically pornographically functionality impartiality principality artificiality superficiality immateriality idiosyncratically autobiographically bibliographically individuality intentionality proportionality sentimentality conventionality instrumentality constitutionality heterosexuality unconventionality unconstitutionality
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