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Here's what rhymes with behalf.

half staff laugh calf chaff gaff graph giraffe digraph epitaph autograph epigraph lithograph polygraph paragraph photograph telegraph phonograph holograph monograph mimeograph

Consider these alternatives

appealed / field petition / position claiming / training lobbied / copied seeking / speaking sued / food paid / made request / best lobbying / copying organizations / relations letter / better rights / types accusing / using support / called accused / used suing / doing jointly / conjointly appeal / deal persuade / made refused / used ask / task denied / side

Words that almost rhyme with behalf

has have hath sash hash halve gas mass pass path cash bath flash wrath bass dash jazz math rash cache lash smash harass lass mash slash gash lath thrash bash stash class glass whereas grass brass crash alas clash trash splash surpass impasse amass bras brash crass morass aftermath hourglass psychopath fiberglass underclass sassafras
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