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Here's what rhymes with unusable.

usable fusible reusable excusable inexcusable

Consider these alternatives

inoperative / uncooperative obsolete / feet unsuitable / suitable rendering / entering superfluous / thus unviable / double renders / members unused / used underused / used impractical / practical uneconomic / economic immobile / total degraded / created unsafe / face deemed / seemed unrecognizable / advisable irrelevant / relevant unproductive / productive outmoded / noted infeasible / feasible

Words that almost rhyme with unusable

movable crucible moveable provable dutiable unmovable unmoveable immovable reducible removable inducible improvable irreducible deducible irremovable producible disprovable reproducible

mutable mutual suitable unsuitable immutable luminal doable beautiful usual unusual renewable cuticle consumable assumable commutable juvenile inscrutable irrefutable nonrenewable presumable refutable construable executable delusional disputable manoeuvrable indisputable attitudinal latitudinal longitudinal institutional constitutional distributional unconstitutional
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