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Here's what rhymes with unproductive.

productive nonproductive reproductive inductive seductive conductive destructive obstructive constructive instructive counterproductive nondestructive reconstructive superconductive nonconstructive

Consider these alternatives

productive / destructive draining / training vegetation / education underused / used fallow / shallow degraded / created idle / title irrigated / dated inefficient / sufficient vexatious / basis streams / seems unused / used pasture / after unsuitable / suitable superfluous / thus uncultivated / stated unneeded / conceded uncoordinated / coordinated ineffective / effective unpopulated / depopulated overgrown / known

Words that almost rhyme with unproductive

ablative propulsive irruptive repulsive transitive subjunctive disjunctive eruptive locative fricative appositive assumptive mutative combustive lenitive compulsive disruptive impulsive presumptive vocative convulsive consumptive proliferative
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