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Here's what rhymes with wiretap.

chap tap pap map cap gap lap trap wrap nap rap sap hap flap snap slap strap clap crap overlap scrap bitmap handicap

Consider these alternatives

snooping / including conversations / relations detain / main interrogations / relations tapes / states interrogate / great authorization / education spying / dying jailhouse / alehouse carnivore / for authorizing / rising undercover / another interrogation / education gleaned / seemed

Words that almost rhyme with wiretap

bad attach patch bat batch chat dad pad tab badge pat tat dab tad that had sat catch fat cat hat mad match rat sad lad cab lab mat hatch latch spat stab drab fad plaid rad stat thatch vat brat matte plat flat glad clad grab slab crab snatch detach begat grad scab despatch dispatch habitat scratch ironclad caveat mismatch thermostat autocrat rheostat diplomat aristocrat democrat bureaucrat

damp champ camp lamp stamp ramp tramp gasp grasp scalp clamp clasp cramp
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