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Here's what rhymes with willows.

pillows billows lilos cigarillos armadillos peccadillos

Consider these alternatives

alders / orders willow / zero birches / emerges reeds / needs alder / order cottonwood / would weeping / leading evergreens / means pines / lines sycamore / more trees / these beech / each buttercup / but mosses / office

Words that almost rhyme with willows

heroes zeros zeroes heros giros antiheroes

widows winnows windows inflows minnows hippos dildos limos weirdos dittos didos dittoes kiddos sickos schizos thickos inroads earphones discos shiploads tiptoes dingoes gizmos intros pintos wishbones ginkgos pinkos lingoes lingos dipsos beholds primrose millstones withholds gringos pinholes gazebos griffons ringtones billfolds ridgepoles shinbones fishbowls syndromes antipodes sinkholes calypsos flamingos flamingoes jellyrolls
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