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Here's what rhymes with wanted.


Consider these alternatives

did / it would / could know / no knew / to decided / presided why / eye give / is tried / side never / ever wish / is they / say get / said i / eye ask / task should / would we / be go / no trying / lying say / they what / but put / would tell / well to / do saying / playing let / said might / right think / link believe / leave going / growing anything / him come / some take / make me / be always / hallways him / in

Words that almost rhyme with wanted


parted dotted halted thwarted vaulted charted salted orchid adopted started solid nodded plotted shortened spotted horrid accosted almond blotted bottled bottomed mottled trotted clotted frosted orphaned torrid reported supported exhausted awarded departed guarded prompted startled darkened modeled morbid softened boarded cautioned deported sordid bargained florid garland marveled squalid toppled cobbled hobbled jostled marshalled plodded quarreled stolid torpid afforded distorted exported hardened applauded broadened pardoned sharpened apportioned blossomed concocted snarled sparkled contorted garbled regarded recorded disheartened remodeled transported proportioned
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