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Here's what rhymes with veterinarians.

vegetarians seminarians agrarians centenarians clarions barbarians librarians proletarians libertarians vulgarians sectarians utilitarians authoritarians disciplinarians egalitarians sanitarians totalitarians cnidarians septuagenarians valetudinarians sexagenarians parliamentarians antiquarians octogenarians nonagenarians humanitarians latitudinarians

Consider these alternatives

veterinarian / agrarian veterinary / very physicians / conditions epidemiologists / sociologists clinicians / conditions pediatricians / conditions nurses / service zoos / whose technicians / conditions cardiologists / sociologists zoo / who chiropractors / factors slaughterhouses / arouses gastroenterologists / sociologists dietitians / conditions ophthalmologists / sociologists microbiologists / sociologists breeders / leaders

Words that almost rhyme with veterinarians

variance chameleons invariance aquariums honorariums covariance planetariums vivariums sanitariums

burials lesbians thespians reburials pedestrians perennials biennials hairpieces triennials decennials antimalarials equestrians poinsettias terrestrials centennials wistarias conventicles bicentennials extraterrestrials centrepieces sesquicentennials
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