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Here's what rhymes with utilitarian.

carrion agrarian librarian ovarian barbarian egalitarian proletarian libertarian vegetarian clarion authoritarian sectarian trinitarian veterinarian seminarian vulgarian humanitarian totalitarian centenarian sanitarian cnidarian antiquarian communitarian disciplinarian octogenarian parliamentarian nonagenarian latitudinarian nonsectarian septuagenarian valetudinarian sexagenarian

Consider these alternatives

aesthetic / magnetic decorative / executive esthetic / magnetic mundane / main normative / formative naturalistic / characteristic homely / only prosaic / mosaic mechanistic / characteristic neoclassical / classical workaday / day banal / alcohol utilitarianism / given materialistic / characteristic metaphysical / physical workmanlike / like tableware / where altruistic / characteristic

Words that almost rhyme with utilitarian

barium aquarium chameleon honorarium planetarium vivarium nobelium sanitarium

ferryman ferrymen lesbian pedestrian thespian vestrymen vestryman equestrian
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