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Here's what rhymes with useful.

Consider these alternatives

tool / pool effective / collective providing / fighting tools / schools provide / side proved / used information / education prove / use very / necessary therefore / wherefore reliable / liable informative / formative necessary / very productive / destructive ways / days example / sample vital / title worthwhile / while specific / scientific can / an quite / might find / kind these / disease thus / us

Words that almost rhyme with useful

youthful truthful untruthful

rueful fruitful ruble cupful rouble tuneful fuel cruel neutral pupil brutal dual feudal duel futile buccal jewel bugle butyl frugal tubal ducal dural noodle poodle pupal doodle duple google newel nubile bluegill boodle crewel spoonsful tootle scoopful crucial renewal scruple accrual unfruitful strudel spoonbill bejewel removal approval communal occlusal perusal refuel caboodle protrusile canoodle refusal tribunal quadruple monsoonal synfuel tablespoonful bamboozle tablespoonsful disapproval dessertspoonful dessertspoonsful instinctual premenstrual
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