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Here's what rhymes with unescorted.

escorted courted carted darted sorted snorted ported sported shorted assorted exhorted aborted cavorted greathearted imported imparted resorted purported retorted extorted uncharted restarted consorted unsorted goodhearted bighearted heavyhearted unsupported unreported downhearted kindhearted fainthearted hardhearted misreported presorted warmhearted tenderhearted openhearted chickenhearted lionhearted brokenhearted

Consider these alternatives

unhampered / standard unimpeded / preceded interplanetary / very convoyed / avoid disembark / dark scooting / including unmolested / requested undetected / rejected hyperspace / space shooing / doing ironclad / had

Words that almost rhyme with unescorted

accorded garbage courtship faulted hoarded scalded warded quartette larded discarded exalted assaulted unguarded yardage balded retarded rewarded disregarded defaulted reportage unrecorded bombarded unrewarded somersaulted rerecorded prerecorded

costed carotid knotted rotted squatted wafted daunted jotted potted slotted taunted vaunted flaunted swatted totted hotted jaunted sauted parqueted allotted lauded mortgaged parotid foraged unwanted undaunted prodded balloted riposted wainscotted marauded barbarised acknowledged defrauded remortgaged responded rendezvoused ramrodded patronised unacknowledged corresponded
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