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Here's what rhymes with underrepresented.

prevented scented vented assented repented dissented relented dented unrepresented lamented demented indented misrepresented reinvented unscented consented regimented alimented unprecedented ornamented disoriented discontented complemented complimented circumvented

Consider these alternatives

overrepresented / prevented minorities / authorities underserved / first disproportionately / proportionately unrepresented / prevented underappreciated / dated oppressed / best discriminated / indicated grossly / closely nonwhite / might minority / authority disproportionally / proportionally underrepresentation / operation underdeveloped / developed undervalued / valued oftentimes / times overrated / dated underpaid / made

Words that almost rhyme with underrepresented

fended vended mended wended expended appended distended befriended transcended trended commended comprehended appendage portended contended unattended unintended

vetted rejected respected ejected excepted fretted resected wetted wrested netted pelted sweated defected whetted bested brevetted betted jetted trisected guested stetted accepted destined requested wretched attested inspected regretted deflected detested exempted bedded beheaded dejected divested resurrected tepid abetted leaded gazetted reinvested prospected retested stenciled headwind pretested rearrested facetted gelid quested kennelled ricochetted sledded texted cossetted retrospected subjected embedded dreaded unaffected welded disaffected imbedded intersected molested redirected untested preempted uninfected breaded disrespected bayonetted bedimmed coquetted pirouetted introspected reinspected towheaded vignetted indirected unexpected disconnected recollected unprotected undetected disparaged interjected misdirected silhouetted sulphuretted uncorrected presaged reconnected solemnised trellised unattested retreaded interconnected unconnected unmolested unsuspected polarised undigested uncollected vulgarised burglarised uncontested depolarised
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