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Here's what rhymes with trehalose.

close dose gross morose jocose overdose varicose engross viscose cellulose adipose bellicose diagnose grandiose comatose lachrymose nitrocellulose

Consider these alternatives

pinene / women amylase / days glucosinolates / states disaccharide / side retinol / small ribulose / close salicin / given urobilinogen / fibrinogen sorbitol / double phosphorylase / days phenylethylamine / mean isomerase / days glucosidase / amyloglucosidase disaccharides / rights hydrolyze / size oxygenase / case

Words that almost rhyme with trehalose

rose rows loaf loath loathe lows rove wroth roes both those growth shows goes knows nose arose chose drove flows grows prose blows pose throws toes foes grove hose nos strove clothe froze pros woes cove crows glows sloth slows throes wove clove doze gauche hoes hos hove sows troth throve trove noes tows suppose oppose stove repose snows quoth folios verbose foregoes forgoes salvoes impose propose ratios disclose embryos enclose presuppose radios bedclothes depose foreclose inclose overflows overthrows plainclothes rodeos stereos behove buboes buffalos outgrows dispose expose compose portfolios studios bestows interpose bungalows transpose patios politicos cameos scarecrows interwove nightclothes recompose reimpose superpose undergoes decompose predispose undergrowth dominoes juxtapose underclothes discompose dominos pantyhose superimpose mustachios pistachios manifestoes archipelagoes

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