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Here's what rhymes with transnational.

national rational irrational international lnternational multinational supranational

Consider these alternatives

syndicates / states corporations / relations proliferation / information criminality / personality crime / time terrorism / given organizations / relations cartels / self cooperation / operation exploitation / operation organisations / relations multinational / national crimes / times cyber / writer dealing / feeling illicit / visit jointly / conjointly seminar / far entities / identities

Words that almost rhyme with transnational

fractional factional transactional satiable capital radical diagonal mandible fallible palatal sagittal cannibal flammable cantonal madrigal unflappable fanciable valuable casual tangible palpable taxable hexagonal infallible pyramidal inflammable interactional octagonal laughable passable blamable chasuble bankable cantabile frangible savable practical compatible grammatical invaluable adaptable impassable implacable intangible clavicle tractable detachable impalpable ungrammatical merchantable semiannual unpractical impassible nontaxable graspable nonflammable incompatible impractical intractable collapsible expandable attractable declarable nondetachable understandable retractable extrapyramidal
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