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Here's what rhymes with tightly.

lightly rightly brightly nightly knightly sightly tritely knightlier sightlier slightly politely sprightly uprightly sprightlier unsightly eruditely unsightlier contritely impolitely forthrightly

Consider these alternatives

tight / might securely / purely wrap / at knit / it sealed / field regulated / created neatly / completely squeezed / least woven / chosen regimented / prevented sewn / own interwoven / chosen loosen / solution intertwined / find lid / did foil / oil tighter / writer glued / food entwined / find grip / it confined / find inside / side

Words that almost rhyme with tightly

idly widely ripely snidely

timely iti likely highly mighty tiny finely lively icy nicely wisely ivy tidy dryly shyly wily blithely ibi ici idee iri wryly wifely vilely dicey nightie piney piny whitey lithely nighty styli chivy kindly ninety mildly psyche wildly blindly divinely shiny untimely spicy widi hyphae slyly spiny benignly feisty flighty spiky chenille limy pricey wiki smiley stymie supinely whiny limey showily siree spiry blimey lichee spryly feistier stymy precisely unlikely almighty slimy untidy grimy unwisely sublimely vaginae skivvy crikey stripey concisely expiry unkindly inquiry enquiry imprecisely bolsheviki
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