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Here's what rhymes with sweeten.

eaten wheaten beaten phaeton neaten cretin overeaten unbeaten

Consider these alternatives

sweetening / deepening sweetens / regions dilute / group renegotiate / state sweeter / leader infuse / whose entice / price scuttle / double renegotiated / dated ameliorate / late soothe / whose rework / work inducements / movements buyout / tryout reformulate / late placate / vacate resubmit / which undervalues / values lighten / item brighten / item enliven / horizon leverage / beverage reshape / made wring / in spurns / terms pill / will concessions / presence marketability / stability formalise / normalise unsolicited / solicited assuage / stage mollify / high sour / our soak / spoke

Words that almost rhyme with sweeten

didn region deepen legion needn cheapen teatime steepen freedom collegian arboretum

weaken elan ian eon reason season lesion demon heathen seamen chieftain deacon seaman semen beacon freeman reafon renin daemon diesen dn zijn paean peon treason uneven freedmen chorion freedman ruffian elision pigpen sequin secretion adhesion cohesion deletion accretion boolean lndian artesian depletion excretion policeman plebeian archdeacon occafion protean repletion postseason preseason fieldsman completion amphotericin polyhedron tetrahedron epicurean plainclothesman
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