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Here's what rhymes with subverts.

shirts hurts asserts skirts desserts diverts spurts exerts inserts alerts reverts

Consider these alternatives

subverted / converted replicates / states confounds / sounds negates / states satirizes / enterprises modifies / size ridicules / schools synthesizes / enterprises dilutes / groups confuses / abuses conflates / states degrades / states reproduces / abuses compels / self imbues / whose accentuates / eventuates recreates / states undermines / lines emulates / states demeans / means impedes / needs infuses / abuses humiliates / states reveres / years denigrates / states

Words that almost rhyme with subverts

thirds verbs herds sherds words birds curbs disturbs

verse adverse serfs obverse hearse works worse diverse nurse curse purse births bursts averse perverse jerks terse berths lurks reverse clerks inverse disperse coerce rehearse immerse universe transverse waterworks reimburse
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