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Here's what rhymes with strange.

range change arrange rearrange exchange interchange

Consider these alternatives

bizarre / far odd / not mysterious / serious unusual / usual curious / furious sounds / pounds surreal / feel scary / very sort / called frightening / tightening seems / means thing / in kind / find sorts / towards seem / seen creatures / features quite / might mind / find unpleasant / present intriguing / speaking creepy / treaty unexpected / rejected surprising / rising tale / male wonder / under supernatural / natural creature / teacher indeed / need

Words that almost rhyme with strange

trained drained reigned strained rained brained plaint planed reined gained aimed faint paint blamed saint grained chained feigned taint pained waned arraigned deigned feint veined obtained explained named remained claimed attained retained framed ordained restrained restraint stained detained quaint regained famed untrained maimed shamed tamed flamed pertained profaned complained complaint sustained ascertained ashamed constrained constraint acclaimed acquaint refrained renamed abstained disdained ingrained curtained declaimed unfeigned contained maintained exclaimed entertained proclaimed inflamed reclaimed unexplained unnamed unrestrained campaigned disclaimed unstained untamed unconstrained

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