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Here's what rhymes with spectroscopy.

Consider these alternatives

nmr / her fluorescence / presence spectroscopic / logic infrared / said excitation / operation vibrational / educational molecular / regular electromagnetic / magnetic photoemission / position ionization / information paramagnetic / magnetic

Words that almost rhyme with spectroscopy

broccoli gossipy prophecy progeny larceny prophesy docilely hostilely rocketry policy probably philosophy possibly bodily colony harmony partially biography geography markedly heartily botany pharmacy homily sodomy caudally loftily tardily wobbly bonhomie carnally geodesy watchfully groggily hardily sloppily knobbly economy commonly democracy autonomy bureaucracy consciously geometry remarkably anomaly astronomy constancy dichotomy modesty novelty topography pornography solidly autocracy demography impartially orthography apostrophe choreography colloquy impossibly improbably lithography phylogeny theocracy topically typography cacophony pompously agronomy volubly gastronomy harlotry harmfully stonily farcically constantly monopoly sovereignty bibliography hypocrisy idolatry photography dishonesty mahogany modestly monotony carpentry despondency iconography radiography disharmony mammography monogamy oligopoly ontogeny harmlessly monstrously psychopathy sarcophagi stolidly spotlessly atomically heartlessly optometry obnoxiously aristocracy autobiography horizontally unconsciously historiography paradoxically uncommonly demonstrably insolvency inconstancy responsibly subconsciously hagiography oceanography despondently lexicography physiography anatomically cinematography preponderantly irresponsibly
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