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Here's what rhymes with sources.

horses courses

Consider these alternatives

source / force citing / fighting unnamed / change cited / divided reports / towards quoted / noted unidentified / side reported / supported information / education possible / impossible reliable / liable identified / side saying / playing other / another accounts / amounts however / never indicated / created believed / received condition / position provide / side unclear / will provided / divided although / so authorities / minorities disclosed / most suggest / best various / areas report / called

Words that almost rhyme with sources

marshes tarsus catharsis amorphous polymorphous

arches foxes sauces auras charges losses organs boxes fortunes fossils genres barges corpses operas parcels forums gorges mosses orchids porches faunas hardens haunches morsels parsons sagas shortens floras sharpens causes gardens margins morals solids sovereigns watches consuls dogmas lodges marbles mortals orphans pauses toxins bargains carbons commas corals launches laurels notches portals tonsils wardens cartons darkens hostels pardons softens sparkles lamas llamas ovals shotguns startles waltzes models columns novels options portions bottles clauses apostles blossoms commons discharges dramas quarrels bottoms cations auctions cautions condoms gospels marshals marvels nozzles pagans blotches cobbles cottons goggles immortals sonatas traumas drachmas gambols partials plazas robins problems doctrines misfortunes nostrils abortions squadrons almonds dolphins broadens bronzes brothels ensembles pajamas squabbles cauldrons metatarsals nostrums pyjamas distortions adoptions libations cantatas proportions precautions hydrocarbons withdrawals contortions melanomas metacarpals kindergartens concoctions melodramas
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