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Here's what rhymes with sorcerers.

coursers enforcers indorsers endorsers

Consider these alternatives

witches / religious mages / native magicians / conditions sorceress / less elves / themselves mage / at incantations / relations exorcise / size twas / of ogres / days evil / medieval

Words that almost rhyme with sorcerers


orders horrors saucers forgers sorters hoarders authors offers borders corners forwards orchards porters tortures boarders mortars mourners augurs hawkers scorers warders dormers hawsers sawyers songsters augers haulers saunters warmers forewords porkers roarers scorners corers haunters honkers tossers corkers fawners scorchers snorters disorders waters daughters lawyers quarters reformers supporters performers altars alters callers informers paupers talkers tors walkers alders borers falters launchers slaughters warblers adorers halters scoffers songbirds stalkers suborders fraudsters launders reorders causers congers snorers snorkelers vaulters waltzers dawdlers maulers maunders taunters reporters exporters importers recorders marauders succours trawlers conformers crawlers crofters restorers brawlers broadswords succors swards caulkers cosponsors embossers explorers impostors defaulters installers crosswords applauders stupors defrauders reconquers squealers defrosters floorwalkers transformers transporters forequarters catalogers cataloguers counteroffers mortgagors
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