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Here's what rhymes with slugs.

rugs lugs shrugs drugs bugs plugs hugs jugs mugs thugs tugs

Consider these alternatives

slug / drug gastropod / not spiders / writers worms / terms jellyfish / his crustaceans / relations snail / male tunicates / states millipedes / needs hummingbirds / words

Words that almost rhyme with slugs

flux trucks ducks bucks crux sucks plucks tucks deluxe

runs loves lungs floods shrubs slums amours rubs rungs lulls does comes ones guns sons tons clubs sums buds drums gloves nuns tongues crumbs gums skulls tonnes buzz doves gulls hulls plums pubs studs suns thumbs tubs bloods bums buns cubs glans grubs hubs puns stubs chums fuzz hums plebs scions scrubs serums shuns subs suds funds bulbs schemas twas succumbs overruns becomes overcomes behoves
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