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Here's what rhymes with slave.

rave lave gave save grave wave brave cave nave shave crave knave pave stave waive enslave forgave behave engrave shortwave concave autoclave microwave architrave

Consider these alternatives

slavery / bravery enslaved / based servitude / food plantation / operation laborer / caterer colonial / ceremonial emancipated / dated reparations / relations chattel / battle plantations / relations peasant / present bondage / responded prostitution / solution revolt / told labour / habour emancipation / information abolition / position

Words that almost rhyme with slave

race phrase raise rays lace lays ace lathe slays sleighs wraith yeas case place days face space ways base faith phase grace plays safe trace gaze pace praise chase pays blaze maize maze saith stays vase arrays bathe bays brace erase glaze haze prays trays weighs chaise craze dais fays gays graze mace sprays beige daze strays sways baize blase chafe grays greys jays nays preys valets waif essays delays surveys assays malaise apace appraise obeys abbeys ablaze amaze ballets efface dossiers overlays repays rephrase replace disgrace displays embrace holidays fireplace betrays cafes displace unsafe amylase cliches decays retrace bouquets debase deface schooldays vouchsafe conveys nowadays paraphrase portrays aerospace emigres mayonnaise reiterates runaways anyplace cabarets diastase interlace database interface waterways cyberspace interfaith proteges commonplace marketplace communiques
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