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Here's what rhymes with six.

fix mix sticks picks chicks kicks ticks licks tics bricks tricks clicks cliques pricks politics crucifix lunatics candlesticks

Consider these alternatives

five / live eight / great four / for three / be nine / line two / to ten / then one / some twelve / self fifteen / seen days / ways fourteen / seen month / once thirteen / seen least / increased ago / go year / will each / need sixteen / seen week / weak half / as consecutive / executive including / shooting all / or

Words that almost rhyme with six

figs pigs digs jigs rigs wigs twigs sprigs

this its since ships thinks fierce fits sits hips hits sinks silks hiss sis inks sips lips bits links miss risks shifts bis kiss myths tips chips cysts dis disks hints pits slips wits discs fifths fists pierce dips diss evince kits rinse shrinks slits whips writs lynx mince pinks pis piss skips smiths sphinx spits tits wince gifts lists prince drinks strips trips abyss bliss cliffs lifts addicts amiss assists clips ellipse grips mists omits splits tints widths wrists emits nymphs quits afflicts befits drips flints grits methinks mints rifts shrimps stilts tilts wisps exists permits admits convince glimpse insists prints depicts dismiss eclipse persists scripts commits drifts resists favourites splints submits twists crypts inflicts quilts remiss sophists consists conflicts predicts restricts fellowships premiss steamships subsists scholarships transmits battleships fingertips hypocrites memberships reprints blacksmiths goldsmiths hieroglyphs imprints internships partnerships apocalypse relationships contradicts fingerprints championships dictatorships manuscripts interrelationships
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