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Here's what rhymes with shock.

hoc oc och sock hock stock rock flock knock lock chalk cock dock mock frock loc doc doch loch smock chock pock bock jock mach wok caulk choc schlock shlock block clock bloc proc crock unlock macaque restock windsock manioc aftershock hollyhock overstock hammerlock ballcock interlock antiknock laughingstock electroshock

Consider these alternatives

surprise / size disappointment / appointment absorbers / disorders disbelief / believe loss / off stunned / and dismay / may suffering / covering grief / leave pain / main wave / gave defeat / feet wake / make suffered / covered blow / no humiliation / relation reeling / feeling upset / set unexpected / rejected anxiety / variety profound / found jolt / old suffer / other severe / will crushing / nothing sorrow / tomorrow

Words that almost rhyme with shock

fog hog og ague frog bog jog smog flog jag slog blog clog grog agog befog sprog defog prolog epilog synagog unclog pettifog demagogue monolog pedagog travelog demagog

arc ark shark hark honk dark mark park bark spark mosque stark lark barque marque manque bonk conk nark narc wank wonk quark bronc remark embark debark oligarch tidemark fingermark patriarch disembark matriarch watermark meadowlark paperbark reembark
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