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Here's what rhymes with savings.

shavings ravings pavings cravings engravings photoengravings

Consider these alternatives

accounts / amounts medicare / their cash / as account / amount deposits / profits fund / and borrowing / sorrowing pay / day expense / sense loan / own debt / said plan / an guaranty / be

Words that almost rhyme with savings

facings hazings casings spacings phrasings mavins playthings tracings placings

sayings failings sailings shadings ratings sages railings phages tailings takings mailings makings weightings slayings stagings ladings natives paintings cages rages aces gratings scrapings tastings buffetings datives earaches hazes waybills fazes tradings wadges paces arranges mazes effaces playbills huaraches dazes razes graces engages blazes amazes erases crazes granges abases creatives nonnatives tailwinds traipses undertakings abrasives atlases appraises debases encases showplaces bellyaches embraces interfaces macrophages replaces displaces disengages disgraces misplaces reengages cutlases outplaces databases interchanges carapaces copulatives greengages reappraises scapegraces commonplaces marketplaces
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