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Here's what rhymes with sauces.

losses mosses

Consider these alternatives

soups / groups sauce / off desserts / words stews / whose spices / prices meats / needs mayonnaise / days savory / slavery cuisines / means pies / eyes cuisine / seen barbecue / you soup / group soy / boy

Words that almost rhyme with sauces

office pauses cautious clauses nauseous incautious overcautious interoffice

sources horses auras horas saunas salsas courses forums haunches floras auroras autumns balsas orals organs fortunes morals corpses orphans corals gorges launches laurels orchids porches morsels shortens softens traumas waltzes baubles warrens fondles scorches logons morels paunches portions quarrels mortals cautions portals wardens broadens corbels cordials cordons wantons warbles quorums senoras abortions immortals apportions corncobs gourmands distortions misfortunes withdrawals consortiums proportions precautions contortions postmortems disproportions
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