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Here's what rhymes with sake.

shake ache fake hake shaikh make take lake wake cake snake stake bake rake spake steak flake lakh slake earache break awake brake opaque quake drake shiitake huarache mistake forsake overtake betake remake retake partake bellyache undertake blacksnake clambake rattlesnake corncrake

Consider these alternatives

sacrificing / rising realizing / idealizing realize / realise sacrifice / price our / hour ourselves / themselves simplicity / activity whatever / never wish / is god / not prosperity / therapy respect / effect enjoyment / employment wisdom / system sakes / makes believing / leaving bring / in sacrifices / decisive else / self posterity / therapy means / seems achieve / leave desire / fire let / said truth / use everyone / one mind / find enjoy / boy everybody / body

Words that almost rhyme with sake

vague plague

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