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Here's what rhymes with righted.

alighted blighted knighted slighted sited frighted plighted whited affrighted unlighted ignited incited reunited benighted requited indited copyrighted shortsighted reignited uninvited unrequited proselyted expedited extradited overexcited

Consider these alternatives

reinvented / prevented insinuates / continuates disassociated / sociated redressed / best beached / reached redeems / seems rectify / high outdone / one extricated / dated straightened / agent rehabilitated / dated weans / means dissociate / disassociate reinvent / went repaired / help afresh / less rectified / side freshened / present dissociated / sociated

Words that almost rhyme with righted

ibid glided prided chided bided resided derided collided abided bidet decided presided lopsided betided subsided misguided redivided undivided undecided subdivided

eyelid lightninged blinded anhydride masterminded
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