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Here's what rhymes with rig.

ig big fig pig dig brig deg wig gig jig sig whig zig prig trig frig twig sprig swig renege rejig config whirligig thingamajig

Consider these alternatives

bp / beaut horizon / atheism offshore / for spill / still barge / large oil / soil drill / will veda / data leased / least sank / bank vessel / level leak / seek gaff / as leaking / speaking barque / dark sail / fail gusher / other ship / it explosion / chosen sinking / thinking gushing / nothing underwater / water exploded / noted pipe / might

Words that almost rhyme with rig

eq lick ik rick sick thick brick pick click sic trick kick sich chick tick nick prick slick tic wick dick flick hich pic vhich mic hick crick mick quick stick spic shtick snick spik schtick aspic unpick lunatic politic bailiwick firebrick dropkick nonstick bolshevik handpick skinflick candlestick realpolitik
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