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Here's what rhymes with revenge.


Consider these alternatives

avenge / went retribution / solution retaliation / relation reprisal / arrival attack / back kill / will payback / playback motivated / stated bloody / study fear / will vowed / out vowing / allowing wreak / seek mob / not retaliatory / story brutal / pupil swears / self assassination / information vows / allows evil / medieval

Words that almost rhyme with revenge

cent sent send scent vent fend went friend event meant spent spend tend bent rent assent bench bend lend lent tent ascend ascent offend hemp mend penned resent dent hemmed pent rend stench wrench gent wench percent prevent attend defend descent trend accent cement descend pretend amend blend dissent invent lament repent trench ferment stemmed quench temp append relent extent consent depend extend intent intend apprehend suspend transcend augment commend dreamt expend orient befriend entente indent represent president recommend comprehend contend dividend condemned underwent circumvent condescend discontent superintend misrepresent

hedge sedge wedge ledge sledge pledge allege dredge
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