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Here's what rhymes with resorts.

hearts sorts forts shorts parts reports courts ports sports starts charts carts darts retorts warts exhorts torts imports supports quartz departs distorts imparts quarts consorts transports counterparts

Consider these alternatives

hotels / self resort / called spas / was vacation / education hotel / well ski / be vail / fail malls / course vacations / relations motels / self destinations / relations mirage / was tourism / ecotourism vacationers / probationers destination / information skiing / being leisure / ever trump / and campsites / campsite amusement / movement bungalows / those

Words that almost rhyme with resorts

faults salts vaults halts harps corpse assaults swords hordes defaults waltz exalts fords hoards shards boards cards regards yards affords guards lords rewards cords wards chords bards barbs gourds retards records awards absorbs accords discards towards boulevards overlords disregards bodyguards

force source horse thoughts shots farce forks fourths haunts hoarse sharks fonts hearths course costs false marks remarks wants divorce lots shops spots coarse enforce parks dots fox knots pots remorse sauce shocks slots socks sparks sparse barks frosts hawks hops watts cots exhausts infarcts larks mots parse taunts torques yachts loss response box rocks stocks talks boss plots reinforce stops tops walks flocks locks moss adopts cops cos docks docs dos endorse mosques pox stalks toss chops clots cocks dwarfs knocks moths perforce blots copse coughs flops floss frocks mocks oligarchs pops quarks swaps cross blocks crops drops restaurants clocks cloths gloss prompts props swamps blocs troughs wasps dross across intercourse renaissance apricots kilowatts orthodox paradox outcrops patriarchs astronauts watercourse equinox heterodox nonchalance unorthodox
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