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Here's what rhymes with requisitioning.

positioning auditioning commissioning petitioning conditioning partitioning repositioning transitioning reconditioning decommissioning propositioning recommissioning munitioning preconditioning

Consider these alternatives

requisition / position requisitions / conditions collectivization / situation mercatoria / euphoria expropriation / relation easiness / uneasiness impounding / founding underproduction / production reallocation / education expropriate / late partaking / taking

Words that almost rhyme with requisitioning

visioning listening stiffening glistening christening provisioning envisioning militiamen imprisoning rechristening

thickening sickening fidgeting filleting hiccoughing chickening filliping limiting visiting signaling signalling giggling middling picketing quickening rippling nibbling singling wriggling sizzling wiggling billeting fixating jiggling niggling stippling ticketing tippling piddling hiccuping initialing shingling dibbling fizzling initialling pinioning kibbling inhibiting mingling witnessing crippling distancing tingling tinkling jingling riveting scribbling wrinkling dribbling grimacing pivoting quibbling tripling chiseling cricketing shriveling swiveling crimsoning frizzling victualing squiggling winkling tinselling scrimshawing tinseling prohibiting attributing bristling dwindling eliciting soliciting twinkling belittling commingling delimiting drizzling driveling grizzling uninteresting intermingling outdistancing
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