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Here's what rhymes with rabbit.

abbot habit inhabit

Consider these alternatives

bunny / money rat / at mouse / house boar / or raccoon / soon pig / big rodent / opened cat / at deer / will duck / drug dog / talk kangaroo / to mink / think frog / stock pheasant / present sheep / deep goose / use cartoon / soon fur / her cow / how puppy / study miniature / full quail / male pet / said honey / money beaver / either

Words that almost rhyme with rabbit

ratchet added rapid cabbage adage hatchet gadget tappet patted chatted padded malachite hatted

agate absent elaborate granite jacket packet planet ballot palate tablet facet palette carrot gamut pallet applet cravat lancet anent arrant faggot maggot lambent talent basket blanket gallant magnet ballast casket fascist galloped hamlet rampant bandit gravest blackest gasket magnate calloused latticed mascot balanced patent fragment pamphlet practiced transient banquet tangent adjunct fastest pageant pianist valiant catchment grandest canvassed casement reactant saddest amplest fattest maddest attachment bankrupt harassment stagnant handcuffed handsomest detachment enactment unbalanced entrapment imbalanced reattachment advancement enhancement commandment embankment enchantment instalment combatant reenactment antifascist overbalanced propagandist disbandment counterbalanced electromagnet disenchantment noncombatant
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