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Here's what rhymes with putted.

jutted tutted gutted rutted nutted glutted rebutted strutted inputted outputted corseted breveted

Consider these alternatives

putt / but fairway / airway tee / be par / are els / self fairways / airways

Words that almost rhyme with putted

budded budget blooded studded thudded elided scudded fussbudget troglodyte

dusted busted trusted stunted shunted lusted tunnelled gusted irrupted unbid corrupted deducted sulphide abducted fronted grunted crusted rummaged funnelled unbind tyrannised eructed resulted interrupted entrusted disrupted insulted intrusted summarised affronted disulphide exulted sculpted readjusted routinised obstructed encrusted maladjusted mistrusted refunded catapulted unfunded incrusted untenanted destructed uninterrupted harmonised underfunded unobstructed analogised reconstructed deconstructed unreconstructed
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