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Here's what rhymes with proscription.

prescription ascription description inscription transcription encryption subscription conscription

Consider these alternatives

prohibitions / conditions proscribing / writing institutionalization / relation untouchability / ability reimposition / position institutionalizes / constitutionalizes modus / notice conjuration / relation precludes / groups stigmatization / education impositions / conditions proscribe / right effervescence / presence disaffiliation / relation disfranchisement / enfranchisement legalisation / relation postdate / state

Words that almost rhyme with proscription


written listen mission fiction friction linen risen ribbon ridden diction fission volition christian riven given women addition million vision commission driven edition hidden kitchen physician prison billion arisen chicken coalition collision emission piston restriction addiction affliction clinician crimson ignition omission remission stricken tuition attrition bitten fruition pigeon sedition silken villain eviction kitten pinion quicken striven trillion audition logician overridden thicken children position condition opinion religion tradition conviction permission admission ambition petition suspicion abolition civilian cognition nutrition partition prediction prohibition revision submission excision forgiven musician apparition depiction derision erudition kinsmen magician rewritten technician unwritten contrition infliction patrician rendition smitten vermilion rhetorician stiffen sylvan decision definition division opposition jurisdiction provision recognition transition transmission acquisition precision proposition repetition ammunition dominion exhibition extinction incision inhibition intuition politician supposition constriction crucifixion demolition pavilion preposition apposition dentition envision imprison nonfiction bouillon dereliction disquisition electrician midshipman premonition reptilian theoretician unchristian distinction competition composition television disposition expedition supervision contradiction deposition exposition superstition imposition admonition benediction circumcision malnutrition requisition transposition extradition inquisition intermission precondition presupposition redefinition interdiction manumission obstetrician pediatrician underwritten penicillin subdivision mathematician predisposition indecision superposition statistician decomposition juxtaposition indisposition interposition superimposition contradistinction
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