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Here's what rhymes with presupposes.

opposes supposes choses dozes apposes roses noses hoses proposes closes psychoses composes reposes deposes thromboses exposes decomposes disposes predisposes juxtaposes transposes recomposes discloses encloses forecloses incloses discomposes overexposes underexposes

Consider these alternatives

necessitates / states negates / states mutability / stability supposes / roses supposition / position temporality / personality priori / story postulates / states idealization / relation indivisibility / ability underlies / size reversibility / ability foregoing / going incongruity / perpetuity counterfactual / factual omniscience / science postulate / late easiness / uneasiness underpins / since

Words that almost rhyme with presupposes

overdoses dovish grosses plosive brioches corrosive purposive erosive osmosis engrosses implosive explosive alkalosis narcosis noncorrosive osteoporosis myxomatosis tuberculosis atherosclerosis toxoplasmosis nonexplosive endometriosis

poaches coaches roaches broaches showbiz loges motives coatings goings loadings postings closings showings hoaxes bowstrings coaxes copings probings yogins combings soakings doeskins lowlives holdings mouldings forebodings moldings plosives molehills loathings roastings gloamings slowcoaches locomotives encroaches corrosives goatskins scoldings foreskins undercoatings explosives wainscotings nonexplosives
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