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Here's what rhymes with premieres.

premiers nears years fears peers arrears cheers gears piers beers smears inheres rears sneers weirs dears veers appears careers spheres pioneers spears clears steers veneers engineers frontiers adheres mutineers reappears cashiers compeers volunteers disappears hemispheres interferes mountaineers privateers souvenirs profiteers atmospheres financiers cavaliers muleteers pamphleteers

Consider these alternatives

premiere / will airs / self ballets / days documentaries / centuries pbs / less screenings / meanings aired / help specials / levels repertory / story matinee / may shows / those abc / he ballet / they acclaimed / range

Words that almost rhyme with premieres

mills mils hills bills fierce fills kills pills wills pierce chills gills sills rills tills skills drills filth spills thrills frills quills stills grills trills pistils fulfills fulfils daffodils

his things gives lives kids kings rings sins viz wings limbs pigs ribs bids figs hymns pins sings wins fins lids beards bins litres rims tins whims chins digs jigs rigs shins sieves wigs biz gigs gins hes scythes thins whiz begins brings films winds skins builds twins guilds spins swings twigs clings grids kilns quiz stings flings gilds grins minims slings swims brigs cribs hairpins skids springs strings forbids florins forgives sprigs violins javelins pseudonyms underpins chandeliers
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