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Here's what rhymes with predisposed.

disposed posed dozed supposed exposed imposed opposed deposed nosed apposed closed proposed disclosed reposed indisposed reimposed composed enclosed interposed inclosed presupposed transposed superposed unopposed unexposed discomposed decomposed juxtaposed foreclosed undisclosed overexposed superimposed misdiagnosed unenclosed

Consider these alternatives

predisposition / position predispose / those disinclined / find gravitate / state inclined / find obese / peace inclinations / relations predispositions / conditions predisposes / roses perceive / leave loathe / both proclivity / activity sympathize / size despise / size displease / these schizophrenia / anemia gravitates / states hallucinating / nonhallucinating spiritually / spirituali dislike / like gravitated / dated empathetic / magnetic desiring / inquiring overweight / late

Words that almost rhyme with predisposed

post boast toast loathed dosed roved tost most coast host clothed ghost roast inmost riposte grossed engrossed innermost uppermost outermost topmost uttermost unclothed hindmost diagnosed easternmost lowermost southernmost westernmost northernmost

told bold bestowed domed polled stoned stowed toad toned towed boned toed bode bowled doled tolled poled hold cold gold mode road showed sold code load fold node rode rolled behold flowed mould abode mold slowed loaned rowed strode strolled combed extolled moaned phoned probed roamed robed scold sewed atoned dethroned disowned goad holed honed intoned lobed lode lowed mowed snowed wold zoned droned foamed paroled soled bestrode disrobed hoed homed sheepfold woad enrolled postponed twofold uphold explode foretold glowed groaned withhold cloned encode enthroned erode untold cajoled decode retold bemoaned corrode crowed enfold fathomed highroad roadbed scrolled chaperoned episode overload unfold fourfold unload condoned patrolled resold unrolled unsold commode overrode prorogued radioed reload cuckold controlled telephoned consoled overflowed nematode honeycombed mullioned manifold marigold uncontrolled stranglehold
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