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Here's what rhymes with portray.

play re lay pray ray prey tray yea ley rei drei lei rea tre bray dray brae roue trey they may day way say pay delay j array bay clay gay gray grey k che hay nay spray weigh ballet stray fay fe fray slay allay dey hey sei sleigh whey bj bk jay kc payee replay rj tae tj wei bey flay neigh belay cay fey shay splay airplay aurae away stay today display decay essay obey okay betray repay sway astray oj valet bouquet defray fillet ij ok passe dossier fj puree zwei parquet wordplay filet byplay moray pleurae prepay purvey toupee hooray briquet hurray outplay reweigh spay umbrae aweigh bobsleigh respray survey holiday cafe dismay attache cliche disarray faraway lamellae overlay papillae cabaret naturae saute underlay alleyway crochet croquet risque soiree souffle inveigh nisei patellae sachet sorbet soubriquet noway overplay roundelay urethrae layaway medullae outstay copay copulae misplay tearaway anyway convey everyday yesterday formulae halfway interplay runaway underway vertebrae disobey passageway protege waterway emigre francais gangway matinee nebulae toothache breakaway fistulae getaway lingerie sobriquet caraway carriageway fibulae hideaway ricochet throwaway resurvey stingray stowaway underplay flyaway overpay sickbay caesurae underpay uvulae foldaway penumbrae walkaway tarantulae naivete sequelae microarray maxillae scapulae straightaway workaday cabriolet castaway giveaway takeaway macrame overstay societe trabeculae salmonellae cybercafe communique companionway caravanserais
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