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Here's what rhymes with physically.

nonphysically metaphysically

Consider these alternatives

spiritually / spirituali intellectually / effectually feel / real abused / used otherwise / size unable / table incapable / capable quite / might fit / it assaulted / exalted myself / self politically / critically sick / thick intimidated / dated very / necessary impossible / possible severely / nearly unfit / which able / table felt / help so / though tired / desired

Words that almost rhyme with physically

scientifically pontifically unscientifically

cynically clinically critically pitifully politically empirically citizenry sadistically statistically uncritically militantly subliminally parasitically indigently intrinsically precipitously extrinsically hypocritically pessimistically iniquitously chauvinistically hypercritically significantly optimistically mechanistically municipally ubiquitously uninhibitedly ritualistically nationalistically insignificantly indistinguishably individualistically
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