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Here's what rhymes with pellicle.

buckle chuckle knuckle suckle caecal truckle pinocle unbuckle nonvocal subcortical honeysuckle

Consider these alternatives

jellylike / like holonomic / economic astrocytes / rights bezel / level silvered / said sacrococcygeal / coccygeal gangliosides / rights

Words that almost rhyme with pellicle

juggle struggle smuggle snuggle

rubble rustle ruffle rappel runnel double trouble couple muscle subtle tunnel bubble puzzle bustle funnel muzzle shovel shuttle ductile muddle puddle rumble shuffle suppl supple tional ductal hovel huddle hustle muffle mussel publ tuple cuddle cudgel phrasal tussle truffle guzzle nuzzle playable pummel befuddle duckbill gunnel lungful rumple tamale tousle fuddle humble bundle frontal jungle fungal tumble crumble crustal jumble nuptial rebuttal stubble bestowal friable grumble lustful peduncle scuffle scuttle subtile dirigible fumble mumble pustule redouble bumble crumple decouple reshuffle snaffle trundle bungle snuffle flyable gumball jugful tubful beatable mugful tamable addable triumphal autumnal colourful stumble damnable carbuncle trustful attachable filtrable uncouple vocable unplayable acquirable tumbrel dividable kerfuffle cupsful disgruntle prefrontal conformal distrustful unbridgeable prenuptial duodecimal granduncle ignitable unlikable vincible heptagonal oversubtle unloveable conformable imperishable antifungal suboptimal thermocouple uncharitable exploitable mistrustful nonviable unnameable containable imperturbable indissoluble translatable unarguable compoundable indemonstrable transmutable untranslatable
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