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Here's what rhymes with pathologies.

apologies anthologies doxologies tautologies aetiologies technologies ideologies genealogies etiologies chronologies cosmologies methodologies terminologies

Consider these alternatives

phenotypes / types dysfunctions / functions neurodegenerative / generative underlie / lie vices / prices autoimmune / toimmune incongruities / duties psychopathology / quality underdevelopment / development manifestations / relations etiology / quality aberrations / relations phobias / copious lesions / reasons contusions / institutions physiological / logical internalizing / rising parasitism / given oppressions / presence fascinations / relations etiologies / qualities neurobiological / logical psychosocial / social physiologic / logic simplifications / relations parasites / rights

Words that almost rhyme with pathologies

authorities polities wallabies qualities sororities priorities minorities

policies colonies anomalies harmonies pharmacies prodigies mahoganies economies philosophies monopolies prophecies novelties dichotomies philosophes theocracies monocles cacophonies prophesiers democracies biographies geometries warranties apostrophes autocracies orthographies insolvencies discographies guaranies bureaucracies autobiographies aristocracies hagiographies bibliographies meritocracies
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