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Here's what rhymes with passive.

massive impassive

Consider these alternatives

active / attractive submissive / wishes infrared / said reflective / effective participle / little reactive / attractive whereas / has verbs / words perceive / leave proactive / attractive immune / soon types / rights unsophisticated / dated unobtrusive / inclusive sophisticated / dated detect / effect cues / whose mechanisms / conditions

Words that almost rhyme with passive

passeth basses dashes brasses gasses bashes wrasses jazzes lavish lashes surpasses caches rashes sashes hashish morasses harasses mashes raffish amasses cashes gnashes stashes brazes trashes abashes razzes flashes clashes crashes rapacious slashes smashes overpasses thrashes pugnacious underpasses hourglasses demitasses calabashes gatecrashes

active adaptive captive attractive reactive inactive expansive proactive combative interactive contrastive hyperactive overactive nonactive radioactive refractive unattractive maladaptive extractive retroactive vasoactive psychoactive counteractive nonreactive putrefactive nonradioactive immunoreactive
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